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Mr. Davila is an enterprising IT Professional with a passion for building technical solutions and proven talent for optimizing workstations, enterprise systems, and global network performance. Mr. Davila is an expert at assessing core business needs and customizing scalable technical solutions that increase business capabilities and promote end-user productivity. Continually, he strive to stay at the leading-edge of information systems technology.In the past 12 years, Marlon has been in business development positions in which he has had the challenging task of identifying strategic business opportunities in order to generate revenue. Mr. Davila roles have required maintaining key relationships and negotiating and closing business deals. These positions often have set financial targets. He has a passion for innovation and constantly challenging the status quo. During His career, Mr. Davila has been known as a very creative person, as well as a person that puts things into practice.


Mr. Davila earned a BS in Systems Engineering from the University of the Andes, Venezuela and holds an MS in Telecommunications from Boston Metropolitan College as well as an MBA from IE Business School, Spain.

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 4030 Boy Scout Blvd., Suite 135 Tampa, FL 33544
 +(813) 443-8203


Marlon Davila

Vice President / Information Technology & Marketing

Tampa, FL

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