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Mr. Russian is a Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of America Family Legacy Group and AFLG Investments for the Global Private Equity and Global Market Strategies. As founder of American Family Legacy Group in 2009 and AFLG Investments, Mr. Russian has led AFLG Group to become a highly successful and trusted Global Firm. His experience and achievements have guided AFLG Investments to become a Powerful Player Globally.

Mr. Russian began his career in 1991 as a Head Currency Trader managing over a billion dollars in currencies. In addition different roles in “Wall Street” as Financial Analyst, Senior Rating Bond Analyst (Dow Jones), Private Client Group as an Assistant Vice- President (Bank of America/Merrill Lynch) Always using different strategic and innovation for the ultra-high network families and institutions.


Mr. Russian has a BA in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Central Oklahoma and many other industry certifications. In addition, throughout his career has been recognized with many awards, including the “Silver Spur” award and the “Director’s Club” award.

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 4030 Boy Scout Blvd., Suite 135 Tampa, FL 33544
 +(813) 443-8203


Freddy Russian

President & CEO

Tampa, Florida

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