Our Approach

Our Approach

We develop a flexible and realistic strategy that involves gathering relevant financial information, defining objectives, needs and fears, establishing risk tolerance, time horizon, and evaluating current situations as well as market conditions, to help each client reach his or her desired results. This can be as grand as working towards lifetime goals, retirement or a change of situation, or as basic as needing tax sensitivity, investing for the future or organizing income sources.

Tactical Asset Allocation

(TAA) is a dynamic investment strategy that actively adjusts a portfolio’s asset allocation. The goal of TAA strategies is to improve the risk-adjusted returns of other investment strategies such as passive management investing. TAA strategies can be either discretionary or systematic.

In discretionary tactical asset allocation strategies, an investor modifies his asset allocation according to the valuation of the markets in which they are invested. Thus, someone invested heavily in stocks might reduce his position when he perceives that other securities, such as bonds, are poised to outperform stocks. Unlike stock picking, in which the investor predicts which individual stocks will perform well, tactical asset allocation involves only judgments of the future return of complete markets or sectors. As such, some practitioners perceive it as a natural supplement to mutual fund investing, including passive management investing.

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